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Maille Park

Maille Grünanlage
73728 Esslingen am Neckar

The small park between the two Neckar arms beneath the Inner Bridge is called „Maille“. It was named after the ball game “palle-maille”, which had come to Germany from Italy in the Baroque period. As this area often used to be flooded, the small island was never built on. For this reason it has been a popular park in the heart of town for over 100 years, inviting one and all to stroll and saunter, sit down, look around and enjoy a cup of coffee. A true Esslingen inhabitant can be recognised by the correct pronunciation of the name of the park – it is called: “Mylye”. There is a memorial in honour of Karl Pfaff, a historian and teacher and also the founder of the Swabian Choral Association.

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