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Ancient Craftsmanship and Workshops

One of the specialties of the Esslingen Medieval Market is the demonstration of ancient craftsmanship. It is breath-taking to see how the blacksmith powerfully pounds his iron or how the glass blower forms filigree balls. Whether making felt hats, forming candles, or binding brushes – that is history at your fingertips. 

Many of these crafts were once just a normal part of town life, which is still shown by such street names as Webergasse (Weavers’ Lane), Hafenmarkt (Pottery Square) or Küferstraße (Coopers’ Street). Many techniques have since sunk into oblivion. Only seldom does one have the opportunity to peek over the shoulders of craftsmen and watch them at work.

At the Esslingen Medieval Market silver smiths, pewterers, knife grinders, glass blowers, tinder makers, printers, spoon carvers, blacksmiths, calligraphers, and leather makers ply their trades. They answer questions and offer workshops in which visitors can lend a hand themselves and put their talents to the test.

Join-in activities and tours emphasize the value of hands-on experience at the Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market. Taking in the medieval culture and testing one’s own abilities in craftsmanship is once again at the top of the agenda this year.
Whether a historical dance festival, or archery tournament: here you can put your talents to the test. The tinder maker Michael Behl shows everything about fire lighting with a tinder polypore. In a book-binding class visitors can learn about the process of collating the pages, binding, designing the cover and thread stitching.