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Culinary art & well being

Esslingen, that´s Savoir Vivre on the Neckar! If one wants to discover it, one must let go and dive in. For example, into the hidden world of the Neckar canals, or into the steep terraces and paths of the Esslingen vineyards, which supplly the basis for enjoyable festivals with plenty of fun. Or into the underworld, the vaulted cellars of Georg Christian Kessler, who went to Widow Clicquot in Reims to learn how to make champagne - and even a bit more, so the story goes - before founding Germany´s first sparkling wine cellars in Esslingen in 1826.

One can also dive inte the Merkel Indoor Swimming Pool, one of the last remaining "Jugendstil" swimming pools in Germany. Or simply drift along through the narrow alleys of the Old Town with its cafes and beautifully restored shops.

The soul of a city are its inhabitants. Life for the citizens of Esslingen is light-hearted. That is probably natural in a place where the vineyards are its neighbours, where the economy is flourishing and cultural life blossoming.