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PODIUM Festival

PODIUM represents a modern, sophisticated and innovative way of creating music beyond conventions. It creates space for special productions, which always have the diversity of chamber music as the focal point.

PODIUM is a venue for encounters in Esslingen and offers talented young European artists a chance to find positive answers to the questions of giving concerts in the 21st century.

PODIUM is a platform for cultural innovation, where everyone can participate: young people with different backgrounds are responsible for the organisation of the festival. Citizens support, encourage, help and advise the PODIUM Music Foundation.

Advance booking
Tickets for the Festival, which takes place annually in May, are available in the STADTINFORMATION at the Marktplatz 16, Tel. +49 711 39 69 39 – 69


PODIUM Festival

Podium Festival Esslingen
Bahnhofstraße 31
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
phone: +49 711 5044 8074

Getting there

Travelling by cycle

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